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1-9, 2015


1 – 9 is a performance piece, or considered a social experiment, linked to She’s a Nine; an experiment where nine females were rated on their beauty. Instead of just focusing on the idea of rating a person by their appearance in general, there was an added manipulated variable – makeup. Out of nine volunteers I had four wearing makeup to different degrees (one natural, one with their everyday look, one party ready and one with an alternative style e.g. black lipstick) and the other five had no make-up on at all. The volunteers where then placed in a busy area in Brookes University for one hour. Passers-by were then asked to vote in preference order who they liked in appearance most to least (1 being their first choice and 9 being their last). The aim was to see if makeup has an effect on how we view a person’s physical attractiveness. The hypothesis was ‘The females with makeup on would be the public’s first choices with the exception of the alternative look which would show too much personality and creativity that it would be dismissed’. The results showed that the everyday and natural look were most preferred with the last choices being a couple of the females wearing no makeup. Although, they’re was attempt to remove confounding variables such as having them dressed in black with denim jeans, there could have been other factors that influenced the results –such as the different individual features of each participant, the participants friends voting for them (personality as a factor) or even their shoes they were wearing. This piece was a series of art work focused on make-up and beauty standards.