My Week fo Full Face of Make-up 1
My Week of Full Face of Make-up

My Week of Full Face of Make-up, 2015


My Week of Full Face of Make-up is a weeklong performance piece (or social experiment) on perception and façade; documenting the reactions of friends, students, tutors and strangers to the excessive amount of makeup worn and ‘over-the-top’ outfits. This was scheduled during the University semester timetable and was performed the same week as the 1 to 9 performance piece, throughout lectures and tutorials and around the general University building. Appearance choices started at causal then drastically increased to a night out look including heels, long false lashes, short dresses with cleavage, hair styled etc. People were much friendlier towards the causal look compared to the hostility received when completely dressed up. This performance piece brought a lot of social anxiety. There was definite negative vibes nearing the end of the week which was physically and emotionally draining and consequently caused extreme self-conscious behaviour. It was interesting to see how certain people may treat a person different due to their appearance.