Self-Destruction (charcoal burning), 2016


Self-Destruction is a project focusing on the ruination of self-portraits in a collection of different mediums. The burning of charcoal drawings aggressively relates to this idea of destruction. The concept of burning can be seen as a way to remove evidence, a way of silencing others (Nazi book burnings was the act of removing the voice of others), an act of protest (bra burnings), bonfire to burn unwanted items/memories or could also be linked to a call for help –a traditional SOS signal is to create fire, so the smoke can act as a warning or message.

In total there was a 10 charcoal drawings created and then one after another placed onto the burning fire. This continuous, obsessive, repetitive act shows the contrast between letting go and crying out for help.


[self-di-struhk-shuh n]

n. the destruction of oneself or one's life.

Example: 'She was afraid of not being enough; not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough. So she fell through the acts of self-destruction. Passively allowing opportunities to pass by, not valuing her worth, sabortaging relaionships, avoiding social interactions, hiding her emotions and refusing help until soon she was a shell of herself. And the damage was done.'

Self-Destruction Workbook