© 2020 Margie Houlston

Untitled, 2014 


Untitled (half scissor/half women sketches and prints) are literal and metaphorical representations of the objectification of women. It incorporates a 1970’s style of essentialist feminism, with the use of vulva imagery. It’s purposefully bold in its approach – being plastered in the gent’s toilets both in the cubicles and above the urinals in direct eye level. This deliberate choice was to present the topic of women’s issues regarding their bodies –issues ranging from catcalling, female genital mutilation (FGM), abortion, and rape to the porn industry, and the pressures of conforming to beauty standards (body dysmorphia, anorexia and bulimia). There were many reasons to why the use of scissors was chosen; they are often viewed as dangerous, the movement of the scissors mirror the action of a woman opening and closing her legs, a direct link to FGM and how many girls and women’s lives are ruined through this forceful act, and the use of fabric scissors (a tool associated with fashion) to represent the effects the fashion and cosmetic industry effect the views of women and their bodies through different mediums.